Monday, August 15, 2011

In A Snap(ette)

There's an app for THAT?

Wow, if you're familiar at all with Instagram (an app where amateur photographers and the like share photos of just about anything imaginable), then you'll love Snapette. Wait, even if you don't know a thing about Instagram (tho, I bet you're curious now!) you'll love it!

Fashion mavens on the lookout for the hottest trends in their city have a new free app to add to their iPhone arsenal, Snapette. Like browsing people's shots of everyday life in Instagram, Snapette uses a similar interface to let users scan photos of goods snapped in local shops. Photo uploading is available directly in the app or from a phone's image library, which it looks like many users do judging by the dreamy filters added to product shots.
When browsing the photo stream, users can organize content by what's hot, meaning which photos have received the most comments and likes, what's near their current location, and the newest uploads to the community. Also search by brand, store, or description to narrow down the hunt for a specific shoe in a city.
Snapette's aim is to create a community of stylish techies with the ability to find and follow users whose images keep each other up to date on their latest fashion finds. The Facebook and Tumblr in-app integration also make for easy photo sharing to friends and the blog world. As the app is still in beta mode, there aren't a huge amount of users on board, meaning it's the perfect opportunity to sign up and carve out your place in the Snapette world.
Check out the Snapette Blog here.

And then download your very own app here.


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